Chairman\'s Desk

We, with pleasure like to inform that our organization which has been converted into bank(Licensed from RBI) on January 1997 from the erstwhile Credit Society of the employees of Durgapur Steel Plant(which has started its journey in the year 1969, with meager Working Capital of RS 610/-  only. We have been adjudged several times one of the premier cooperative bank in west Bengal. Now we are -Tire  II urban cooperative Bank with Working Capital of nearly 200 core and having 4(four) branches with 5(Five) ATMs

We are not lagging behind to respond to the call of nation . We have dedicated ourselves to contribute our effort on the following matters:
1)    Financial Inclusion 2) Insurance Coverage for Customers, 3) Micro Finance 4) Health Camp for children every year ,5) Rest Homes at different place of India for medical treatment & other purpose , etc.

We are not only serving the members/employees of Durgapur  Steel Plant since inception but also the people of entire Durgapur Sub-Division.

Being a Cooperative bank we are successfully maintaining Cooprative Social Responsibility in and around Durgapur Sub-Division. Entire Bengal is our business spectrum.

To achive 100% technological wp-gradation in the banking operation , we have decide to go for Core Banking Solution (CBS) with a scheme of sharing the ATMs of other Commercial and Cooperative Bank so that our customers can drag money from their accounts from any part of India. We are the pioneer in Eastern India in the area of CBS & ATM connectivity all over India among Co-operative sector.

Our mission A SOCIAL BANKING through tecnological upgradation and financial inclusion. Harmony in society through Co-Operation among ourselves. Consrvation of nature for the sake of our universe.


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